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A dedicated education consultant will walk you through the entire process of enrolling and starting an online degree program. You will not have to talk to multiple people to find the initial information you need, and when you inquire with us, it is our staff ONLY that will contact you (we keep your personal contact information private).

Funding Opportunities Available to Get You Back Into School
Motivated to return to college to finish your degree but unsure how to fund it or what degree programs offer the greatest return on investment? We can help.
At DegreeStreams, we partner with regionally accredited universities that are 100% online. DegreeStreams has over 40 years of experience helping educators find the right program to fit their needs and the funding options to help cover their tuition. If you are ready to finish your degree or start earning an advanced degree and want to find out what funding opportunities are available, contact DegreeStreams today!

Don't have the time to research the program and eligibility requirements for the various forgiveness and grant programs? No problem, we have done that for you! Contact DegreeStreams today to see if you are eligible for the following:
  • Up to $17,000 in Loan Forgiveness Aid
  • Up to $16,000 in TEACH grant funding
  • Up to $17,500 in Title I Forgiveness benefits
Why Us

We work with regionally accredited Universities, most of which have NCATE accreditation.

We offer a wide variety of degree programs, from Associates through Doctoral degrees, through our vast network of university partners, providing you the opportunity to find the degree that is truly the best fit.

All our services are FREE of charge!


What We Do

We discuss all of your options and find the right program that fits your career goals.

We walk you through the entire application process and even waive the university application fees.

We order all of your official transcripts free of charge.

We guide you through the financial aid process and discuss other funding opportunities you may not be aware of.

We talk through your first day of class to ensure you are prepared and familiarized with the online learning environment.